Month: April 2021

Welcome to Butterfly Class

Friday 12th November

STEM Challenge!!

To end our ‘Math’s Week’ we were given a challenge. The rules were: Using 5 sheets of newspaper and some tape, make a free-standing tower strong enough to hold a pear 6 inches off the table.

We worked very hard in our groups to make our towers, then test them!!


Wednesday 10th November 

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and why it is important to us. Here in Henstridge, we have some local heroes, so we went to see the War Memorial, and some of the grave stones of men who fought in the war. We learnt so much from Mrs Jeanes, who was kind enough to come along for the walk with us.

Tuesday 2nd November 

In English, we looked at some sparklers and created a word bank full of fantastic adjectives to describe them, including sparkly, crackling and scorching!

We also used this opportunity to talk about fire safety and how we need to keep ourselves safe on Bonfire Night.


Monday 1st November 

Our first day back after half term and Miss Hall had us working hard – we learnt all about the value of different coins!

To get into the Autumn vibe, we created some fantastic observational drawings of pumpkins! We had to follow some really tricky step-by-step instructions, but we were so great at listening and we were so proud of ourselves at the end.

Thursday 21st October 

We spent some time in the garden this afternoon, and found the BIGGEST apples ever!!! We had a little taste, and they were so juicy!

Smartie Maths!

Monday 18th October 

Today in art, we lit some candles and looked at the way fire moves. Then we did some observational drawings. Using sketching pencils, we experimented with the pressure so that we could shade our drawings. We know exactly how dangerous fire can be, as we’ve learnt so much about the Great Fire of London, so we were very careful to stay away from the candles.

Monday 11th October 

In PSHE we have been learning how to listen to our bodies and notice the feelings we have when we exercise. Today, we explored some yoga positions. It was so lovely and relaxing outside in the sunshine!


Monday 4th October 

Today, we discussed how Tudor houses were different to the houses we live in now. The main differences we suggested were:

  • Made of wood
  • Straw roof
  • Wooden doors
  • All joined together with no gaps
  • Painted black and white

Then we found out that they used a method called ‘wattle and daub’ to make the walls. We decided to give it a go ourselves! It’s much harder than it looks!


Tuesday 28th September

We are learning about the Great Fire of London. We wanted to see how Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary so we had a go at quill writing! It was so much fun, but we think it must have taken him ages as it’s quite tricky!

Welcome to Ladybird Class

Today we celebrated Elf Day, the children looked amazing in all of their fancy dress! We designed an elf’s hat and made paper chains. We also decorated our class Christmas tree and started our advent calendars. December 2021

Today we found out the results of our Decaying Teeth experiment; the children were very shocked by some of the outcomes. The children also played their recorders for myself and Mrs Crabb so we could hear about what the children have been doing in their sessions with Mrs Gosney. November 2021

Today we got to see a film premiere because Mrs Hopson won a competition. We watched a brand new film called Robin, Robin! We had popcorn and really enjoyed ourselves. We also talked about what film premiere’s are. November 2021

Today we posted our letters to Father Christmas, the children were so excited. We cannot wait to hear back from him! November 2021

This week we have had so much fun. We set up an experiment on ‘Tooth Decay’, celebrated Children in Need day, were visited by the Dorset Air Ambulance and took part in ‘Anti Bullying Week’. The children have also made cloud men as part of our English learning and they have made a superb start to our multiplication and division learning.  November 2021

Today we celebrated Remembrance Day. We took part in a lovely service, wrote poems and watched some videos. November 2021

Today we made our own toothpaste and the children loved doing this and trying it! We had such a fun afternoon 🙂 November 2021

Today we started our Remembrance learning and set up our schools display. November 2021

On Friday, we learnt about risks, hazards and dangers in PSHE. We defined what those words meant and discussed where the different scenarios fit. Then, in Art we learnt about Salvador Dali, our artist for this term. We created fact files and then created portraits of him by using pencil and oil pastels. November 2021

We have had the best day today. We dressed up for Ancient Greek Day. We danced the Zorba, made and tasted Greek food, designed Greek vases, made wreaths, we looked at atlases and found Greece on a map and the countries, seas and mountains surrounding it, we wrote our names in Greek letters and shared facts about Ancient Greece. November 2021


This week we have been busy, we rehearsed and presented our Harvest pieces to our families. We also ran a mile each to help complete 100 miles to raise money for charity. We also created some wonderful Picasso fact files. October 2021

This week we have been learning about Roman Numerals, the children really enjoyed this learning.

The children also sketched their self-portraits, I was very impressed with the skills and the attention to detail that they showed.

This week we have conducted a science experiment to test friction and we have been continuing to learn about place value; we made number lines on the playground we created them by including: times tables, counting in 25s, 50s, 100s and 1,000s. The children also made Picasso style portraits.

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Medium Term (Autumn 1) Curriculum Map 2021

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

Welcome to Dragonfly Class.

Here are some of the things that we have enjoyed doing so far this term:


We enjoyed learning how important bees are and how clever they are! We learnt that when a bee is first born it has to clean its room straight away!


We have learnt about Harvest Festival and all the food that we can grow. We enjoyed making our own apple juice; it tasted delicious.


We love investigating numbers and patterns in our maths activities.


And we have had lots of phonic fun, learning to segment and blend our sounds.