St Nicholas C of E Primary School Policies

This page contains our School Policy documents. Our Admissions Policy is located in the Admissions section of this website. Please find below important documents and information about our school.  Please note that school policies are reviewed annually with some currently under review.
If you require copies of any other School Policies, they are on request from the School Office. Paper copies of information on this website are available free of charge on request from the School Office.


Teaching and Learning Policies


Safeguarding Policies

Equality & Accessibility



Charging Remissions Policy 2021-2023


Anti-Bullying Policy 2021
Behaviour & Attitude Policy Jan 2021
Bereavement Policy
Children Looked After Policy (CLA) February 2021
Complaints Policy
Data Protection Policy GDPR Feb 2020
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2021
Whistleblowing Policy 2021-2023

Medical Policies

Intimate Care Policy
Medical Policy February 2020