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Plan for our 5 bubbles - September 2020 Opening for all pupils


Year R

Year 1/2

Year 3/4

Year 5

Year 6

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Start time







Pupil gate



Pupil gate

Disco door

Finish time


3pm *

3:15pm *

3:15pm *

3:15pm *

 *Older siblings will go home with the youngest sibling.

Emma Setchell the School's Educational Psychologist is providing a workshop for parents/carers on ADHD and other attentional behaviours. This workshop is open to ALL, your child doesn't need a diagnosis. If you are interested in virtually attending please contact Mrs Spike.

The Great Outdoors at St Nicholas - helping with our Bounce Back to School Programme. The children told us this in our outdoor Collective Worship Assembly: It is fantastic to be back together with our friends & it’s great to have our teachers again to help us with our learning. September 2020

We are ready to come back in September. Thank you to everyone for being social despite the distance. You are all true rocks of perseverance!

Congratulations to all our children for being Workout Winners with Jo Wicks. Thank you to everyone for promoting the importance of staying healthy during lockdown. 

Well done to all of our staff and children - in school and at home. We continue to be really proud of you. 

June school photos.

10th June 2020 and, as usual, we are all still smiling and enjoying time together. We’ve become experts at using our safe 2m bubble. (Siblings/family members can still stay close of course.)

Well done to all our children and staff this half term:
- Lauren and Ellie who never stop smiling.
- Mrs Jeanes, our Vice Chair of Governors, checks the well being of our staff team. Cake much appreciated.
- Our children have found a solution for safety during football fun: gloves all round!
- More time to talk; Dominique was in great chatty form today.
- Space in school to try new things - new friendship groups and special time together. We love the trim trail.
- Having the time to practise being brave; well done to our awesome Year 6s today, Ellie, Sophie and Ruby. You were/are a huge support to our girls who who need an extra helping hand.

The Reading Agency are kicking off their summer reading challenge today at 4pm and it runs until September. The focus this year is ‘Let’s Get Silly’ and your children can set themselves a personal reading challenge for the summer. The Reading Agency’s website has lots of fun and silly reading related activities for your children to complete too.

For more information, please visit:


Today is the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness. It seems that it has never been more important that in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

For that reason, here’s a challenge.  We would like you to carry out an act of random kindness for someone during next week.  It can be anything, as long as it’s following social distancing conventions of course! Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Alternatively, you may prefer to make your own challenge or choose one from here.
We’d love to see photos of what you get up to.

Celebrating Victory in Europe - 75 years of saying thank you. Our children
at home and in school celebrate peace and freedom together. May 2020

We love our library - over 1000 ability banded books for our children’s enjoyment and success in reading. The best home learning activity we all can do is to read. Children - the books await your return. In the meantime, keep reading at home during our early summer partial school opening. May 2020

The brilliant Axel Scheffler has produced a book about Covid-19 Coronavirus just for children. 
The Gruffalo illustrator worked with consultant Professor Graham Medley, two head teachers and a psychologist to make sure the book got the messages.

The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds:
• What is the coronavirus?
• How do you catch the coronavirus?
• What happens if you catch the coronavirus?
• Why are people worried about catching the coronavirus?
• Is there a cure for the coronavirus?
• Why are some places we normally go to closed?
• What can I do to help?
• What’s going to happen next?

Click the book cover for a copy

The publishers Nosy Crow have produced this as a FREE resource, so that all families have access to the book. If you wish to provide a donation in lieu of payment of the book, Nosy Crow have asked for any donations to go to our fantastic health workers. Link below

Click here
for Website links school closure

Click here to download the School Closure Toolkit

Click here to download the Children's Coronavirus Story

Click here to download We are at Home

Click here to download Our School is Closing

Congratulations to our 2020 netball team - a super win again at our inter-schools tournament today, 10/03/2020. This is the fourth year running. What an achievement.

Super singing this evening at The Gryphon School. A very enjoyable evening with our local choirs. Well done to Mrs Gosney and our talented singers. 09/03/2020

All the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing books and celebrating reading on World Book Day today (05/03/2020). We love books at St Nicholas School.

The children in Ash House enjoyed the maths activities today (28th February), during the House Activity Hour. They worked in teams to make 3D shapes and then they used their models to help answer questions about their shape.

This afternoon (28.02.2020), the children in Beech house, worked collaboratively to make a board game, for House Activity Hour. The children worked in small groups to design and make a game for others in the house to play. 

This afternoon (28.02.2020) the children in 'Oak' made maths books, for House Activity Hour. The children worked in groups and have made books such as; counting and shape books. The children did such a fantastic job and they enjoyed sharing them with the rest of their house.

Congratulations to our talented and very skilful Rugby Team. You played exceptionally well today, coming 2nd in our 8 team competition. 06/02/2020 We look forward to our whole school celebration with you tomorrow.

Thank you to Mrs Billington - we all loved your presentation on your pilgrims’ walk, The Camino de Santiago, Portugal; inspiration for us all to ‘Try new things.’ 06/02/2020 (See our Collective Worship tab for more photos.)

A superb display from our Reception Class dragon today, 27/01/2020. Happy Chinese New Year everyone. (More photos in our Celebration tab.) Our whole school cheered them on.

Well done to Jake in Year 1 who answered a Year 6 Shape and Space Maths question independently this week, 14/01/20. Jake is becoming a very creative construction engineer!

Here’s what we got up to in our school houses today, 10/01/20. The children enjoyed their mixed year group Science afternoon. Lots of Scientific talk about the whys, whens and hows during the children’s practical investigations. As George in Year R said: ‘Look Mrs Shearer, we’re doing an experiment!’ Well done to our Year5/6 pupils for displaying such excellent leaderships skills in helping our younger scientists today. Thomas P loved the bubbling lemon and Michael loved making ice cream! Archie and Samuel tried hard to mix the oil and water.

Here are the children in Willow house doing a fantastic science experiment making their own lava lamps.

Well done to our Reception, Year 1 and 2s. We loved your nativity show - lots of fun, super singing and fabulous drama this evening. 17/12/19

Our 2019 Christmas Fair opened with the children parading down from school to the church of St Nicholas with their lanterns. Well done to everyone for making their own lanterns in class; a very special thank you to Mrs Lickiss and our staff team for making the parade possible. Thank you to Ben and Ruby in Year 6 for leading us all with the school lantern - our prancing horse.

Our whole school enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at the pantomime ‘Snow White’ - 11/12/19. A sincere thank you to two of our parents, Cate and Sam, who lead our summer fundraising festival  to allow every child to attend this for free - definitely worth all the effort. The children’s faces throughout the show said it all. Thank you to all staff and parent volunteers for doing such an amazing job today.

A beautiful festive wreath made by our lunchtime play team today - 09/12/19. Here’s Charlie and Mrs Howell standing proudly to hang it on our school’s front door.

On Friday 6th December, the whole school celebrated St Nicholas Day. The children enjoyed a special Collective Worship, where they had to leave their shoes outside the hall. When they returned, they found a bag of sweets in their shoes; following the tradition of St Nicholas.

The Butterfly children became tour guides for their class assembly (6.12.19). They guided their parents around the classroom to share everything they have learnt about Italy. You can find more pictures on the Butterfly Class tab.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Pupil Voice Christmas Fair today - 05/12/19. An impressive hour of fundraising for pupil resources. Thank you to Mrs Connor for leading our school community in this event.

What a wonderful afternoon at Cheap Street Church, Sherborne. Thank you to Mrs Gosney and our school choir for their festive singing this afternoon... 40 mins of wonderful music. Happy Christmas to one and all. 03/12/19 Thank you to the welcoming church team at Cheap Street.

Christmas is on its way; festive art by Year R, 1 and 2 children. You can see our tree at Cheap Street Christmas Tree Festival, Sherborne. Our theme is ‘Lights of kindness and hope.’ Our school choir will be singing at the festival on Tuesday 3rd Dec, 2pm. We would love you to come and join us.

Thank you to our amazingly talented Year R Dragonflies - we loved your celebration assembly for parents today. (21/11/19). Super singing with actions, excellent acting and admirable courage - singing a whole song in French was the perfect surprise. Thank you to Mrs Connor and Mrs Howell for this very special celebration of work.

Football team are heading off now and are ready to do their very best at the local schools’ indoor tournament at King Arthur’s today. Thank you to Mrs Crabb for leading the team today and to all of our parents who supported with transport.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Children In Need Day today, 15/11/19.

Congratulations to our violinists, Dominique and Jenna - we loved your performance in Collective Worship this morning, 12/11/19.  Super talent and skill.

Today - 11/11/19 - we watched patiently through Thomas’s parents’ telescope to view the Mercury Transit across the sun. It was awesome to see the little black dot (Mercury) on the sun. The transit won’t happen again until 2032!  Thank you to Mr and Mrs Phelps for going to such an effort today. A special day indeed.

Matthew with his planted cross for his fallen family member - Captain Arthur Hugh Sidgwick, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died 17th September 1917.

11-11-19: We gathered in front of our Field of Remembrance at the front of school to remember the great sacrifices made by others. The children said thank you in their own special way with some composing prayers, poems, showing photos of great grand-fathers as well as some planting their own crosses for lost family members who fought in war.

The Butterfly Class enjoyed sharing information about their famous Italian buildings and landmarks, that they completed for a home learning project (08.11.19). 
"They are all so amazing!" - Thomas from Hedgehog
More pictures of the models can be found on the Butterfly Class page.

The children at St Nicholas have been busy putting up crosses ready for Remembrance Day. 

Thank you to all who donated food items to The Lord's Larder for Harvest. We received 327 food items from all classes. The charity sent us an encouraging thank you letter today - 06/11/19

We all thoroughly enjoyed our inter-house 'arts and harvest crafts' afternoon. Very proud too of our kind and caring KS2 children, who were so patient and supportive in helping the younger children.

The entire school enjoyed a delicious, healthy smoothie for their snack time (10.10.19). Thank you to 'Innocent Smoothies' for very kindly providing enough fruit smoothies for the whole school and more!

Staff celebrating Roald Dahl Day - Friday 13th September 2019

A great start to the new school year! Our new Dragonfly children have settled in really well, supported by their fantastic year 6 buddies. They all enjoyed sharing books in a special reading time session this week.

Year 6 returned today from their annual residential. This year they visited Cummulus Outdoors, they all had an amazing time and the weather was perfect.

Whole School Beach Trip to Weymouth. A lovely, fun day was had by all children and staff.

Well done to Thomas P for climbing Pen Y Fan, and more, this weekend (01 July 2019). Super fitness! We're really proud of you!

We enjoyed learning all about Eddie the barn owl today (1st July 2019.)

2019 Sports Day - 28th June. 
Well done to each of our four houses: 
1st place (88 points)  - Willow
2nd place - (69 points) - Oak
3rd place - (59 points) - Beech
4th place - (51 points) - Ash

Year 5s had a super Science day today - 26th June 2019 - flame testing to identify different minerals. The children loved burning potassium, lithium, calcium, copper etc to predict the different flame colours. Everyone was truly 'fired up' to scientifically investigate more!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Fever on the Field 2019. A sunny, fun, relaxed afternoon today (22nd June) - thank you to Cate and Sam who had it all fabulously organised again this year.

Well done to our 100% attenders - a super achievement to be in school every day from September to now; 13th June 2019

Congratulations to Ruby in Year 6 who got her hair cut short for charity. We're very proud of you,  Ruby - thank you for extending the hand of kindness.

Grass fun on the field

The sun has got his hat on! We had a wonderful lunchtime play today (27th March ’19) being creative with our freshly cut grass and forest school skills. Harriet and her team made a super ‘Daisy Unicorn’ whilst Lauren and her team created an amazing floral, grassy bug hotel. Super teamwork everyone from all the staff.

Everyone having fun buying gifts at the Mother's Day sale. Thank you to Mrs Rozycki and her team.

Congratulations to our netball team - winners of the local schools' 2019 Tournament today (20/03/19) Sasha, Ellie, Lauren, Ruby, Caitlin, Ben, Jacob, Joshua and Joshua - we are all very proud of you. Fantastic team work today.

We enjoyed our 2019 World Book Day Celebrations today 7th March- ‘Favourite Bedtime Stories:’ Our older pupils really enjoyed reading to our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2s. Years 3 and 4 pupils enjoyed sharing their favourite books with each-other. A huge thank you to Mrs Rozycki for providing hot chocolate and biscuits to the whole school. Rev and Mrs Rogers held a super Collective Worship Assembly for everyone and then helped to give out our treats. Well done to everyone who arrived in their pyjamas and slippers. We had really good fun.

We're off! Whole school trek - every child a walker. We have every minute of the school day covered by walkers to raise money for our new chrome books. 15/02/19

Congratulations to our Tag Rugby Team today, 12th Feb '19. Three matches and three wins against local schools: 4-3     12-1     6-1   

We are extremely proud of such a display of skills, talent, sportsmanship and excellent manners today at the KA Tournament. Well done everyone. Mrs Shearer

01/02/19 - Happy snow day everyone. Charlie and his Ladybird friends said 'Best day ever in school '
Well done to all of our amazing staff members and children for showing such kind, helpful hands. It was lovely to see our older pupils looking after our younger children - helping with wellies, zipping up coats and teaching them to build a snowman. Thank you to parents who have emailed a special thank you to our staff for keeping our school open.

Thank you also to Alfie and Maddie's mum for volunteering to help at lunch time. Great team work all day. Mrs Shearer.

Fun with Mr Snowman

Following the amazing sponsored cycle during Science Week we were able to start buying new equipment for our science learning. Mrs Bendell showed the new equipment to the staff and children during a special Collective Worship session. We still have money in the pot so there will be more exciting new items to follow!

A very Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2019  from all in our school community. Father Christmas visited today just to check the naughty or nice list!

Our wonderful Dragonflies and Butterflies enjoy a final rehearsal for their big show tomorrow - 19th Dec. Fantastic singing and acting from our youngest classes. Thank you to all staff and children for a fantastic 2018 nativity.

Heaps of fun today, 13th Dec; well done to all our budding magicians! A special well done to Aidan in Year 3 who waved the wand to produce a REAL white rabbit, Snowy!

Our  annual School  Carol Service this evening in St Nicholas. (12th Dec 2018.) Thank  you, and a huge well done,  to all of our super star readers and  singers.
Well done and Thank you for your kind donations - you raised £92.42 for The Children's Society from this evening's Carol Service. Mrs Shearer.

A scrumptious Christmas lunch for our children and staff today, 12th Dec. '18. Some of our children wished it could be a Christmas lunch every day!

Thank you to our hot meals provider, Andy and his team  from The Half Moon, Horsington. Also, thank you  to all of our school staff who  helped at lunchtime today. Great team work everyone. Well done to Josie for trying the Brussel sprout.

Wonderful Green Fingers' gardening skills today, 11th Dec '18. A beautiful Christmas wreath for our school's front door using greenery from our Learning Garden. Thank you to Josie, Ryan, Noah, Izabella and Mrs Howell.

A sincere thank you to the Peckover and Basson families who made our whole school from gingerbread. The children enjoyed eating St Nicholas, our school car park, play equipment, playground  and even the staff cars. Lauren, in Year 5, said: 'No one would ever believe I ate my Headteacher's car!'
Well done to Sammie and Liz for spending 2 days on this amazing creation. Our pupils from all year groups loved it eating it.  Our gingerbread school raised a commendable £106. Thank you to all who supported our break time treat yesterday and today. (10th and 11th Dec. '18) Our whole school bake off has now raised a final total of £366. Well done to everyone in our school community. Mrs Shearer.

St. Nicholas had its first 'Bake Off' which proved to be a huge success! Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and donated towards helping raise funds for our ICT resources. So far, we have raised an amazing £260! 
The entries were incredibly creative, innovative and delicious, including the entire school grounds made from ginger bread (see picture below)!

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up and a special well done to our ultimate Star Baker - Hope, in Hedgehog Class. 

A huge thank you to everyone who helped raise our final total (last few donations came in after school on Friday) of £107 for Children in Need 2018. Fantastic hair styling and hat choice everyone! A fun day on 16/11/18

We say a most sincere  thank you to those who went to war to give us the freedom that we enjoy today. 'We will remember them.'
Led by the wonderful Colonel Howard Bentley-Marchant and our Parish Council, our pupils unveiled a new memorial bench and also planted our Field of Remembrance outside our school. A lovely turnout of parents, friends, local residents and friends further afield.

Thank you to Dilpreet and Diljit's family for sending in scrumptious food gifts to celebrate their special week. Everyone enjoyed taking part - especially Dilpreet winding the fabric to create a superb turban for Mrs Shearer in Collective Worship. Skilful work!

Our Harvest Celebrations

LOTC focus - learning outside the classroom:

Fun and creativity today (08/10/18) at playtime - the children used their initiative and constructed a football stadium and hotel out of natural materials. Well done to Alfie E and Charlie H for coming up with the idea and for organising a super construction team!

Congratulations to our newly formed football team. A super achievement in this term's local schools'  tournament at KA. 3rd place out of 10 is excellent! (27/09/18) First half of the tournament - our  team won all of their four matches. Archie and Harley let no balls in to the goal! Super goalie skills! We're really proud of the whole team - whole school celebration today in assembly.

Congratulations to Ruby in Year 5 - we're very proud of you gaining a merit in your Grade 2 Ballet examination. We will celebrate in assembly tomorrow

26 Sept 2018

Thank you to Colonel Bentley-Marchant for being our special guest with our school community today, 21st September 2018. We welcome our silent soldier to St Nicholas - a symbol of hope, perseverance, love and sacrifice.
Our nation and World has been shaped by these brave men and women. 'Lest we forget.'

Great fun today with the ladies from our local WI. We really enjoyed learning more about The Suffragette Movement - History and Politics brought to life at St Nicholas. (Sept '18)

Summer 2018 holiday home reading success - well done to Jacob, Evie-Rae, Morgan, Izabella and Logan. We're really proud of your efforts.

Huge congratulations to our Year 3-6 Athletes; ANOTHER WIN! We are so proud of you all for winning another local schools' sporting challenge (2018 Top Link Festival) this term. What a talented group! Well done to everyone for displaying a commendable level of determination, skill and speed. Congratulations to those who won their categories.

What a week! High temperatures and new heights...well done to Freya for reaching the top. Year 6 residential fun at Mill on the Brue. (June 2018)

Congratulations everyone - a fantastic 2018 Sports Day. Well done to everyone for doing their very best. Congratulations to Oak House for winning the 2018 Sports Cup.
       House Team Total Points:
         Oak = 80   Willow = 68 
         Ash = 58    Beech = 49

Well done and thank you to everyone in our Music Spectacular Performance 2018 today, 21 June. We really enjoyed your dancing, singing, recorder and piano performances. It was great to see a full house this afternoon for our display of musical talent from Year R to Year 6.

Promoting pupil leadership:
Year 1 had fun with their fraction challenges today (19 June) in Maths. A big thank you to our Year 5 & 6 pupils who practised being 'mini teachers.'

We had a fantastic whole school trip to see Dippy in Dorchester today, 25 April. Amazing facts, fun and sun.

We had a fabulous, whole school  sunny play in Borough Gardens today before seeing Dippy. (25 April)

Sports winners again! Congratulations to our amazing netball team for winning the local primary schools' 2018 tournament.
The team won all their games on 20th March. What an amazing achievement!

Thank you everyone - we didn't imagine we could get so many pennies for our trail today - 22 March. A really fun penny trail for Sports Relief.
Total coming soon - it may take a while to count so many pennies!!!!

Well done to Thomas in Year 4 who assisted Mrs Ewins-Strowger in leading our assembly on Autism Awareness today (21/03/18). All pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Thank you...we learned new facts today.

We offer private 1:1 piano, singing and recorder lessons during the school day; well done to our new starts (Ellie, Thomas and Lauren) for a fantastic piano performance in assembly today - 21/03/18. We are very proud of your conscientiousness and determination.

Well done to everyone for making an extra special effort this year with our Easter bonnets and gardens. Excellent creativity and talent shown today. Thank you to  all who encouraged and helped their child. A unique experience indeed – Easter bonnets and gardens in the snow today, Monday 19th March 2018. Well done to our 14 winners and runners up – see photos from today below.

Every family in the school took part in the Mothers Day Sale and enjoyed the independence of shopping for a present and spending money in our 'School Shop'.

Excellent effort everyone - we almost had 100% attendance today (1st March) for our 2018 World Book Day Celebrations. Fantastic costumes and effort everyone, including staff. Thank you to Mrs McGinty for leading our special Collective Worship Assembly today.

The children are enjoying the new sports coach in their after school club.

Thank you to Ruby B for taking an idea and turning it in to a reality; our school raised £116 for World Cancer Day 2018. Thank you to all the children and staff for supporting and encouraging Ruby.

Our Year Rs and 1s really enjoyed showing us their writing, dancing and singing, trip photos, Viking boats and racing cars in today's parents' celebration assembly. Well done Dragonflies.

Our Year 2 and 3 Butterflies worked so hard for Miss Steninger that she had to bring everyone to Mrs Shearer to get their special golden award. We saw good listening ears, good looking eyes and kind hands all week. Well done Butterflies! (A fun challenge to fit you all in my office today.)

Well done to our Athletics Team for participating in the County Finals in Taunton - our school team is now in the 2018 top 7 athletics teams in Somerset.  A commendable achievement indeed. We are very proud of our children. Thank you to Miss Steninger for leading and inspiring the children, some of whom were the youngest (by 3 years) in the finals.

Hedgehog Class had fun learning circus skills with Steve Burrows. Parents were invited in to learn to hula hoop, juggle, walk on stilts and much more. This was all in a good cause, fund raising with Mrs Rozycki for her forth coming trip to Zimbabwe where she will be volunteering in a Children's Home in Harare. Thank you to all the staff, children and parents for all their support.

Christmas is on its way – thank you to everyone who took part in the Operation Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. We’re off to Sherborne to load the lorry for delivery today – 14th Nov 2017

To finish off Science Week today, 3rd November, we had scaly visitors.

Congratulations Zachary - we are very proud of you (and your whole family) for doing the 10k Twilight Walk for the Brain Tumour Charity. We loved seeing your medal in assembly today.

Celebrating reading achievement with medals and certificates today, 3rd November. Well done everyone.

Teabird's Wellie Walk and Autumn Arts Day. Lots of fun with leaves, paint, apple bobbing and hot chocolate.

First aid training day for all of our children - great fun with the recovery position. We also enjoyed Fudge's visit and listening to his heart beat.

A fun start to our Science Focus Week today on 30 October: 'The Air Around Us.' We investigated candles burning with different amounts of oxygen, air and weight and also air as a pushing and pulling force. The air blaster was great fun. Look out for more photos from the week.


A very enjoyable Harvest Celebration Service today, 6th October, 2017. Well done to our children and staff - beautiful singing, clear speaking and very kind hands with bringing in food for The Lord's Larder Food Bank.

Off we go on our adventure to see King Tutankhamun and his treasure.

Autumn 2017 - learning about kindness and friendship in our Collective Worship Assembly. The pictures appear as the story unfolds. Susan, the story teller, captures our attention.

We've started our 2017 Harvest Celebrations - we enjoyed our home grown apples from our school learning garden; scrumptious and juicy! A perfect way to end the week.

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