Reading Offer 2022

Welcome to St Nicholas – we are a thriving, caring and purposeful Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School. Our school’s doors were first opened in 1872 and it is wonderful to see that we continue to serve our local community. Currently we have over 100 pupils between the ages of 4 years and 11 years.

St Nicholas is structured in to 4 classes – Reception, Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4 and Year 5 & Year 6. We have a full time teaching assistant in each class, with some classes having extra support as and when needed.

One of our most important school expectations is: ‘Be kind, gentle and honest at all times.’ This underpins everything we do across all areas of school life.

We offer a culturally rich and academically ambitious curriculum with specialist teaching all year round in Music and Sports for each year group. Private 1-1 singing, piano and violin lessons are on offer each week as well as specialist small group teaching for Maths and English. We also plan for enrichment activities to support well-being and SEMH (social emotional mental health) work – for example, all pupils participate in gardening skills with our specialist teaching assistant. Our learning garden is a much treasured area of St Nicholas life.

We whole heartedly believe in ‘Every child a reader.’ Our school library is another one of our many gems on site and we also run many fun book activities for the children. For example, every Friday all children enjoy small group story time with a key adult. All children are encouraged to enjoy books and read as many different genres as possible.  Our children read every day in school but our expectation is that each child also reads daily at home. We have invested heavily in ensuring our library books are varied, fun, relevant and updated regularly.

Our curriculum planning is built upon Geography and all other subjects branch out from this. My staff and I invest much time in being creative, reflective and aspirational so we are always willing to update and improve provision year upon year.
My Governing Board and staff team have high expectations of what each child can achieve in all areas of the curriculum both inside and outside the classroom. We place great emphasis on our Christian Values, Rights Respecting Articles and our Secrets to Success Skills. Here is our time table which is built upon and developed each year so that values and skills are fully embedded by Year 6.

Term Success Skill Value 1 Value 2
Autumn A Supporting and understanding one another.  Friendship  Trust
Autumn B Pushing ourselves and not giving up. Perseverance Courage
Spring A Attempting new things. Responsibility Respect
Spring B Concentrating and working hard. Peace Compassion
Summer A Enjoying using our imagination. Creativity Thankfulness
Summer B Recapping and embedding all of the above.  Generosity  Hope

Our pupils, year on year, leave St Nicholas with a strong sense of social responsibility, set on a path to blossom as caring, conscientious citizens of the world.
If you are new to our village, or indeed new to our school, please do come and visit us; I would be delighted to show you around our wonderful learning spaces.

Mrs Alison Shearer
B.Ed Hons, MA, NPQH