RE & Collective Worship

Fruits of the Spirit

Today, 06/02/2020, we all enjoyed listening to Mrs Billington in Collective Worship. She shared her experiences of The Camino de Santiago, Portugal. Pilgrims have been walking this 120 mile route for hundreds of years. Can you see the shells which each pilgrim carries? Camino, the pilgrim mouse, kept Mrs Billington and her friends company all the way to the cathedral end.

Time for reflection and stillness at our Collective Worship sessions. We enjoy a range of leaders and each Thursday, Rev. Kevin comes in. The children love being part of the drama.

This sun rise photo was taken today en route to school...we reflect on Psalm 113:3 - ‘From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of The Lord is to be praised.’

Year1 & 2 pupils loved learning more facts on Judaism today, 20/01/2020. We passed The Torah around and learned that we needed a yad (pointer) to touch the sacred words in it. Well done to Jake & Co. for wearing their kippah and the prayer shawl. We also compared our Bible to The Torah, our church to the Jewish synagogue and the Christian symbol of the cross to the Jewish symbol of the Star of David. Well done Butterflies - this was a really fun lesson. More next week. Mrs Shearer.

Singing the greatest message ever...we sing of how love came down at Christmas time to save the world once and for all. We also enjoyed, and reflected upon, the messages on the festive artwork  around the church. What a blessing and privilege  to sing God’s praises in public. Thank you to the church community at Cheap Street, Sherborne. 03/12/19

The double rainbow above our school today was amazing. (27/11/19) It reminded us of God’s promise to Noah - can you remember what it was? Do you know all seven colours in a rainbow. (Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.) 

Year R showed us they were thankful for people who showed courage to give us peace. A super whole school reminder from Dragonfly Class. Perseverance and courage - this half term’s Christian values.

Today we welcomed another visitor to CW - Collective Worship. Daniel from one of the Yeovil Churches was awesome:

The children said:
- He was really cool and I loved his guitar.
- He’s funny and he is really, really amazing on his guitar.
- I loved his story telling.
- Can we have him back soon?
-I think the lepers were very, very sad.

So - we’ll definitely have to have Daniel with us again...and his guitar.

Thank you to Shannaya for leading our Collective  Worship today, 18/11/19. We are all very proud of you for stepping in to action to help the homeless in South Somerset. Super initiative, fantastic resourcefulness and commendable kindness displayed in these bags. It was touching to hear that all of these goodies were paid for out of Shannaya’s pocket money; what an excellent example of ‘ me to use my hands for charity...’ from our school prayer.

RE with Years 1 and 2 - 2019 hands on learning.

RE detectives...our Year 1 and 2 children asked BIG QUESTIONS and gave even BIGGER ANSWERS about stained glass windows in our village church, the church of St Nicholas.

We found out that the windows tell us stories:

Finn says: ‘The man,Jesus, is still alive - he died and then came alive again.’
Grace W says: ‘The star at Bethlehem is in the picture.’

Logan and Izabella said: ‘The angels talked to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds.’

Courtney-Mae said: ‘The baby is Jesus.’

When discussing the stained glass windows, Isabel in Year 1 said: ‘The windows in the church tell a story.’ Matthew said: ‘Years ago some people couldn’t read so they had to tell stories in pictures.’

Lily spotted the cross, Kieron loved hearing the clock chiming, Shane spied that one window had the three wise men and Zachary said the south side of the church tells stories.

We found out that the stained glass windows are only on one side of the church. We now know why! We also discovered Morris the mouse.