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Congratulations to everyone on our team. As Headteacher, I am very proud of you all. Every day is a fun day with many successes at St Nicholas. Well done to all from Mrs Shearer (Website visitors can read our full report in our inspections tab.)

Proud and dedicated Governors '... know our school well...' Ofsted 2017
(L-R: Mr Norman Symcox (chair), Mr Shaun Atkins, Rev Peter Hallett and Mrs Michelle Phillips.' Centre - Mrs Alison Shearer)

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our musical talent spectacular today, 29 June 2017. Thank you to Mrs Gosney for organising this and thank you to all of our parents who helped with setting up and packing away. The children had a really fun afternoon - we loved it! All donations will go towards updating and adding to our music resources. Thank you to all of our parents and family members.

June/July 2017: Fantastic ideas for our fundraising-from ice pop sales to wood craft workshops to home grown greens. Keep at it everyone!

Fabulous fun at our residential in the PGL Centre, Osmington Bay - 15/06/17. Super team work everyone. More pics from numerous other activities when our group return home tomorrow. Raft building and harbour photos are great-you'll see them soon. Awesome views from our rooms! Mrs Shearer

Thursday, 8th June: Whole school elections - everyone voted and the pupil voice representatives for Summer Term are: (L-R) Jacob N, Izzy B, Tyler, Rhona, Louis, Chloe B, Jacob C, Billie-Jo, Megan, Henry, Grace, Christopher, Caleb and Izzy N. All of our children having been learning about the importance of voting and getting your voice heard.
Pupil Voice will now commence planning for whole school fun ideas and improvements. (June '17)

In line with  the General Election and our British Value of Democracy, the whole school went to the 'Polling Station' today and cast their vote for their Pupil Voice representatives. Mrs Bendell gathered the whole school to explain the process and to answer any questions about the real election and then year by year the children went to the ballot boxes with their ballot paper, they each voted and then posted their paper into the box. The 'Polling Station' was manned by Miss Steninger, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Rozycki who made sure names were ticked off and that the process was as close to real life as possible. Feedback from the children was that they felt 'grown up'. 'powerful' and some said ' a bit nervous but excited'. A super introduction to the importance of contributing to a democratic society.

The children in each year group had great fun and 'super skills learning' from Darrell, our professional artist again this year. Our Art piece on our school's values is complete-it will hang in our school hall for all to enjoy and reflect upon. Well done to our talented, creative children. Darrell loved working with you all again and looks forward to returning to St Nicholas.

Summer arrangements for our office and staff room using flowers from our school garden. Thank you to Mrs Howell and our Green Finger pupils. Inspiring garden work. 24/04/17

Congratulations to Megan and Ruby for swimming 1.5 km to raise funds for Marie Curie. We are extremely proud of both girls for showing they want to help families across the country who are dealing with long term illnesses. A proud moment of medal sharing to the whole school today - 19 April 2017.

Easter Celebrations at St Nicholas Church 31/03/17

Happy Easter everyone - fabulous bonnets and Easter gardens. Well done to Oak House for winning our Easter Egg Hunt today: 29/03/17

Thank you to everyone for joining in with Comic Relief today - 24/03/17. Our cake sale last week raised a healthy £100 exactly. Fabulous hair and hats today.

Congratulations to our netballers for winning the local netball schools' tournament on 23/03/17 beating 6 school teams! They will now play in the Area Tournament in Yeovil on 28/03/17. Well done to all.

Mrs R Ewins returned to us to lead Collective Worship today - 20/03/17. We heard how she has set up her own music business. We need a few key ingredients: passion, responsibility and sheer determination. We also learned how music is great for brain development.

Our Chair of Governors had lots of WWII drama with Ladybird Class at Nothe Fort, Weymouth on 1st March.

Our school choir did us proud again. A fantastic performance at The Gryphon School, Sherborne. Mrs Gosney did a superb job again on 9th March.


We had a blast at our Intra Sports Morning today, 10th Feb. Our Year 5 and 6 leaders did a grand job of planning and delivering the whole morning's challenges. Well done to our certificate winners...excellent examples of sporty perseverance, patience and passion. Thank you to Miss Steninger, our Sports/PE Leader, for inspiring our whole school with her 'sports' vision. We look forward to more fun next term.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up of our Chinese plate competition.

2017 Cross-Country Inter Schools Competition

Congratulations to our Year 3 and 4 girls who won 1st place out of 9 schools. We are very proud of you all.

Well done to Lauren for coming 2nd out of 30 runners.

Excellent effort from Ben who came 2nd out of 52 runners.

Congratulations to our whole team for coming a proud 4th overall out of 9 schools.

At KA Sports Centre...a lovely bright, sunny morning for the run.

Christmas Party 2016 - a whole school celebration. Teamwork by all staff and pupils ensured a fun and festive time was had by all.

You can help Daisy Williams raise money for this great cause by donating directly to her fundraising page. Click here for the link. JustGiving sends your donation straight to Cancer Research UK and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

Congratulations Dynamite Daisy...2 mile swim in 1 hour 36 mins and 3 seconds; amount raised to date (25/10/16) = £1066.50 for Cancer Research and it's still rising. A swimmingly super success!

Well done to Daisy, Megan and mum, Fiona, for organising a fabulous cake sale today (07.10.16) for everyone. This sale kicks off this term's big charity focus...Cancer Research. Daisy has been training rigorously to complete an awesome challenge...on 21 October 2016 she will swim 128 lengths of the pool. That's about 2 miles! You can sponsor Daisy on her 'just-giving' account or pass your gift on to her during the school day. More details coming in our next school newsletter. We have given Daisy a new name...Dynamite Daisy!
We are so VERY proud of you, Daisy! Thank you to the New family and the Shearing Family who supported Daisy and Megan today by helping to bake for our sale. Well done to sister,Megan, for helping Daisy to raise money today.

It was great to join with family, friends and Governors today in St Nicholas Church. We had a wonderful Harvest celebration through song, prayers and poetry composed by our children. Sincere thanks to all those who kindly donated food items to The Lord's Larder. We also displayed our fresh produce from our school vegetable garden.

Butterfly Class enjoyed a super Victorian experience on 14/09/16 at Priest House Museum, Wimborne - scrumptious home-made lemonade and biscuit making workshops. Thank you to our staff and parents who made such an effort today. The children looked fabulous.

Congratulations to our Summer Reading Challenge Winners (and to those who have done it and are awaiting their rewards.) We are very proud of you. A message to all website readers: One of the most important life skills you and your child can learn is learning to read. All other learning will fall in to place.

A very heartfelt 'well done' to Mrs Howell and the children in each class. You won 1st place in the  2016 Stalbridge Produce Competition, beating 599 other entries...a super pumpkin indeed. Also, congratulations for receiving another prize. Well done for coming 2nd...your carefully grown dahlias impressed the judges. Keep Our Green Fingers work going please!
Remember, you need wellies in school each half term...weekly gardening skills for each class.

Well done to all of our pupils this year. We are very proud of what you have achieved. A special well done to our highly commended prize winners and runners up. Here's some memories of our 2016 Prize Day in St Nicholas Church. Thank you to Rev Hallett and teaching staff for presenting the awards to the children. Huge congratulations to our Year 6 SATS pupils - all of whom passed all subjects in the new Key Stage 2 SATS. We got 100% pass rate in all of the Maths and English tests. This compares to the national 2016 test data of 53% of pupils passing all of the tests. A fantastic achievement indeed.

Well done to everyone in Ash, Beech, Oak and Willow Houses for doing their absolute best at today's 2016 Sports' Day. We were all really proud of our pupils. Congratulations to Willow House for winning the most team points and being awarded the school cup; a fantastic achievement indeed. (More photos from today, 14th July, in our PE & Sports Tab.)

Many congratulations to Hope who has been awarded another winning prize for her whole school charity work: 'Young Citizen Winner' by the Rotary International District 1200. Hope enjoyed the awards ceremony on 2nd July 2016. Our whole school community is very proud of Hope. We loved seeing the winning glass trophy.

Today, 23 June '16, we enjoyed meeting over 300 other Year 6 pupils from church schools in our Diocese. We had fun sending off our Year 6 rice paper prayers in the river around Wells Cathedral, puppetry workshops, story-telling sessions, singing together and doing cartwheels on the green after lunch. Jake says, 'That was a  fun day. I really enjoyed it.' A very special day for all involved. Our candle gift from the Diocese of Bath and Wells will be used in our school's end of year prize day service in July to represent Jesus, The Light of the World.

A very Happy 90th to our wonderful Queen. We had a really fun day. Thank you to all who helped.

St Nicholas's contribution to the Flower Festival which is being held to  celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. The festival is to be held at the Parish Church from Friday 10 June to Sunday 12 June.

The corgi and the crown were made by Mrs Howell and her very willing group of helpers from Year 6

A wonderful and inspirational piece of work by sisters Ruby and Tilly. They will be sharing their photographs of 'Creativity in Nature' with the whole school in next week's Collective Worship Session. Amazing shots of both living and non-living wonders. Well done girls...we are very proud of how much energy and effort you put in to this.

Congratulations to five of our Year 1 and 2 pupils for winning certificates at this term's (Summer '16) inter schools' multi skills festival in KA, Wincanton. Our school won the most certificates so well done to everyone who took part on the day. Thank you to Miss Steninger and Mrs Rozycki for leading the group.

Super creativity Brandon...keep building and designing!

Congratulations to Rachel for super, creative skills in swimming - front and back crawl.

Here's our Christian Values' focus for last term and the following two summer terms 2016. We would love to have you in school to see the impact of investigating and learning about these values on our work and play. Come in and see our awesome artwork. Don't forget to read our new 'home/school values' newsletter which is sent home for adults and parents each half term; next one sent home on 'creativity' on 15th April. Enjoy the ideas in the home/school challenge and well done to all who brought in their home/ school project to share with us in our Collective Worship Sessions last term. Thank you to our helpful parents.
Spring A - Courage
Spring B - Responsibility
Summer A - Creativity
Summer B - Thankfulness

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils heading off for a sunny, action packed 4-day residential trip to Osmington Bay. Lots of very excited children and staff! More photos coming once the group arrive home on 24th March.

Happy Easter...another superb performance from our school choir at our Easter Celebration Service in our village church, St Nicholas. It was lovely to share our prayers, poems and songs with family and friends today - 18 March 2016. Remember the words of the song...tomorrow is a 'New Day.'

Many congratulations to Hope who won the 2016 Pride of Somerset Youth Award. As you can see, she had a splendid time at the awards' ceremony in Taunton on  Friday 11th March, winning a beautiful certificate and a £50 gift. Hope met many inspiring children and adults there...all of whom have achieved mighty things. In school, we will hearing more about the stories of the other winners. We will be inviting one of them to come and speak to us during a Collective Worship Session next term.

Hope also received a wonderful letter from Rt. Revd. Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath & Wells, celebrating her work to lead the whole school community to raise money for the refugee crisis appeal.You can read Bishop Peter's letter, which is on display, in our school; it has very wise words for us.